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Buongiorno & Buenos Días

The Cubs lost to the World Baseball Classic Team Italy yesterday 8-7 on a beautiful day at Mesa's Sloan Park. The game means little in the big scheme...

Cubs Jason Heyward hits HR

J-Hey’s Day

In Tempe, AZ yesterday Jason Heyward broke out of his 0 for spring training batting slump with a home run, a double and 3 RBI's against the Angels.

Kris Bryant Cubs

Things I Saw at Sloan Park Today

Kyle Schwarber launched one bomb after another in batting practice. I know, I know, it's just bp...But these aren't your everyday "it cleared" the fence HR's. These are some mammoth monster blasts. I mean Schwarbs is destroying baseballs like few players I've ever seen. Watching him swing, it's hard to believe we aren't even to full-squad report date yet!



What an incredible game last night, a game that really seemed appropriate for this special Cubs season. The team overcoming adversity, as guru Joe talks about often...

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Rocking With The Cubs & Theo To The World Series

I'm ready, the Cubs are ready, Cubs Universe is ready, and this is the year! And because of all this amazing synergy, I've decided that we will extend our Clear The Way fundraiser for the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation until the Cubs win the World Series this year! That's right, as long as the Cubs are playing baseball in the 2016 post season, ALL PROCEEDS from downloads of our rocking Cubs anthem will go to the Anthony Rizzo Foundation! Read more...

Cubs Kris Bryant and Dan Vogelbach

Cubs W Sox

You can put 9 runs on the board for the Cubs - YEEESSSS! The Cubs beat the White Sox 9-2 at Sloan Park...

Cubs Dan Vogelbach

Cubs Win

Wins have been hard to come by for the Cubs this spring, with the team coming into Friday's game against the Reds with a 1-8 spring record. You know how I feel about the win/loss record...