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By Tim Sheridan
February 17, 2021

I hope this day, the symbolic start of baseball, sees you and your loved ones healthy!

It’s been a weird year since spring training was shut down March 12th, of 2020. It feels like some normalcy is on the way with the start of Cubs spring training 2021, but as we’ve learned over the past year, life can shift immensely day by day. That said, I’m thrilled to be back behind the microphone announcing Cubs spring training games again at Sloan Park! I really don’t understand how I’m entering my 38th consecutive season as the Cubs spring public address announcer. Am I that old? Don’t answer!

Harry Caray and me at Old Hohokam Park

You should also know that photographer extraordinaire, John Antonoff, and myself will be here over the next month and a half, bringing you that unique perspective on Cubs spring training you won’t find anywhere else. I’ll get into the nitty gritty of the team at times, as well as things you may not know about away from the action. There are also some exciting new Cubs adventures on the way, more on that later.

Today, I feel truly blessed and humbled to be starting another season with the Cubs, so just for fun, here’s a look back…by the numbers.

As I start year 38 with the Cubs, I’ve seen or announced:

44 – Cubs All-Star players.

2 time All-Star Javier Baez – Photo by John Antonoff

40 – Major League Hall of Fame Players, or Managers.

22 – Cubs Managers. Yes, some of those were interim short timers.

17 – Cubs winning seasons.

11 – Cubs playoff teams (but only 3 of those in my first 19 seasons). As a comparison, in the 38 years prior to my 38 years (1946 to 1983), there were 0 Cubs playoff teams – ZERO!

10 – Cactus League teams who won the World Series.

4 – Cubs MVP’s.

4 – Cubs Rookies of the Year.

3 – Cy Young Winners.

2015 Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta, back with Cubs – Photo by John Antonoff

3 – Cubs Spring Training home ballparks: Hohokam Park 1, Hohokam Park/Stadium 2, and Sloan Park.

And of course,

1 – Super duper amazing fantabulous Chicago Cubs World Series winning team!


That night in 2016!
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