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The Wood Report

By Tim Sheridan
February 24, 2007

Lots of sunshine and about 60 degrees today as the Cubs worked out at Fitch Park. I knew Kerry Wood was to face batters today so that was my focus this morning, what follows is my pitch-by-pitch account of what I saw. This might be overkill but if you’re like me, seeing how the new slim trim Wood does this spring is intriguing. He could be a real X-factor for the pitching staff this season. I talked with Ron Santo today, he’s in great spirits and very excited about this years ballclub. Posting some pics I took from today also, enjoy!

Woody’s Pitch Stats Today

Against Casey McGehee–(4 pitches) Ball, Swinging Strike, Fouled off, and Ground out

Against Micah Hoffpauir–(6 pitches) *Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, *Ball, *Ball

Against Brian Dopirak–(6 pitches) Foul, Ground out, Ball, Ball, Foul, Foul

Against Chris Walker–(6 pitches) Swinging Strike, Swinging Strike, *Ball, Pop Out, Ball, Ball

Against Angel Pagan–(5 pitches) Single to left center, Ball, Swinging Strike, Ball, Line-out to 2nd

27 total pitches– To be fair, balls and strikes were not called so some of the balls not swung at could have been strikes. The balls listed above with the * could have gone either way, hard to tell from the angle I was at.

Wood on the mound today in Mesa

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