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The Total Cubs Diet

By Tim Sheridan
August 2, 2011

The past two weeks I have been out of touch with the civilized world, OK maybe just the social network and internet world but it has been for good reason and will help make Boys of Spring – the Movie, a better film. I was on total immersion into the documentary subject matter (the Cubs), but it wasn’t about wins or losses or trades or lack of them. Instead I was immersed in the Cubs I have seen and filmed over the past couple decades. Think of watching over a 1000 hours (I’m not talking games here) of Cubs footage? Some would say a painful task but my love of the Cubs and dedication to telling the Boys of Spring Cubs story in this documentary pulled me through.

“Must watch more Cubs” 

These two weeks of non-blogging also tested our Kickstarter campaign, I was hoping things would snowball and gain more traction after our partnering with Kickstarter. We’ve had some great response from people who have watched the video. However it’s very clear with three weeks left and only 7 percent of our goal achieved to raise the funding to complete the film – We need Cubs fans to keep spreading the word about Boys of Spring – The Movie and pledge at Kickstarter! We are calling on the Cubs Blogosphere, sports talk radio, newspapers, social networks and Cubs fans for help. With that in mind last night I did an interview with Corey from IvyEnvy.com, an informative and humorous Cubs fan website out of the Quad Cities. That interview will be on the IvyEnvy podcast tomorrow. Thursday morning I’ll be on WGEM radio out of Quincy IL, with my old friends on the morning SportsCenter show presented by Hardees. Quincy is also Cardinals territory but even in a tough season Cubs fans still hold strong.

I’m normally a kick-back sort of guy and don’t usually toot my own horn, perhaps this is a problem in promoting the film. So forget tooting a horn, let’s bring in the orchestra. You should know that this film is produced and directed by the same species that brought The Godfather, Forrest Gump, and more recently The Fighter. If Roger Ebert saw the film (he hasn’t since it’s not yet finished), but it’s possible he might write “my thumbs are simply not big enough for Boys of Spring – The Movie“. If super Cubs fan Bill Murray saw the film (he hasn’t since it’s not yet finished) he might say “it’s a Cinderella story, outta nowhere”. If super Cubs fan George Will saw the film (he hasn’t since it’s not yet finished) but he may potentially say, “Boys of Spring it is said, is only a documentary. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or documentaries, are created equal.” So there you have it, some things that could be said by noted people about this film, if this film gets finished. And it will be, with the power of the best fans in baseball. Cubs fans!

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