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Rockies Win but Javy Rocks

By Tim Sheridan
March 5, 2014

Hey, it's spring training
Hey, it’s spring training

There were two things that stood out to me in today’s game, never mind the Rockies 5 errors (which did not stop them from winning 7-5), and the length of the game – 3 hours and 27 minutes, those things are typical for early spring games.

The really important things that stood out today were: Top prospect Javier Baez taking a wicked corkscrew cut on a pitch, only to foul it off of himself, then drop immediately to the ground in pain. He stayed on the ground for what seemed an eternity as the collective breath at Cubs Park was being held. After trainers arrived, he eventually shook off the foul ball to his foot and stayed in the game, and Cubs Park slowly exhaled. Javy finished the at-bat, but struck out. It was his next at-bat that was the other standout moment of today’s game.

Now it’s not the fact that Baez hit a HR in his at-bat following the injury incident, but that he seemed to only get a piece of a pitch away from him, and yet the ball kept on carrying towards the opposite field. The Rockies right fielder Jason Pridie seemed to have a bead on it, but the ball just kept carrying towards the fence and RF foul pole. Over the fence and inside the foul pole it went, Baez’s second HR of the spring. What it really showed me is the ridiculous strength this 21 year old phenom has. To only get a piece of the ball, and yet have the muscle to put it out where it landed is just plain…sick. And that’s the good kind of sick! That’s all I’ve got to say about today.

Our ace photog John Antonoff has some visuals for you.

Cubs Javier Baez falls to ground after taking a foul ball off the foot
Baez falling to ground
Javier Baez HR
Javier Baez opposite field HR in 6th inning
Ryan Kalish
Ryan Kalish steals second the hard way in 1st inning
Christian Villanueva
Christian Villanueva smacks a hit in 7th inning
Josh Vitters
One of Josh Vitters two hits


Mark the Beer Guy
Mark the Beer Guy leads the 7th inning stretch



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