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Speeding to the All-Star Break

By Tim Sheridan
July 7, 2008

Great game from Cubs pitcher Sean Marshall yesterday, a series win on the road against the Cardinals is always fun, too bad the Cubs let one get away missing the sweep. At any rate extending the Cubs lead over those birds in the standings is huge. Now if the Cubs can follow up with a strong home stand at Wrigley before the All-Star break it will be a very successful first half indeed.

It’s fantastic to see a franchise record 7 Cubs on the NL All-Star squad. The Cubs are getting a lot of national media hype and deservedly so, expectations will only be raised from here — having those 7 guys along with the rest of the ballclub playing like All-Stars come October is what really matters. The Cubs have talent and offensive prowess (especially when Soriano returns) and in my opinion have the right Manager in Lou Piniella to get the job done.

Rookie All-Star Kosuke Fukudome

Rookie All-Star Geovany Soto

With the Brewers closing in the standings and acquiring CC Sabathia the second half of the season in the Central division looks like a three horse race. It will be interesting to see what GM Jim Hendry pulls out of his bag of tricks to possibly get another starting pitcher for the Cubs.

Last week while driving across country back to AZ I was pulled over in a small town for speeding (less than 10 mph over limit) and then something unprecedented happened. The first thing the officer said to me after seeing my Cubs ball cap on the dash was “Are you a Cubs fan?” being in Nebraska I wasn’t exactly sure why he was asking but I said “yes, I am”. He then goes back to the squad car with my drivers license and registration, upon returning he says “I’m going to give you only a warning but please slow down”. At that point I had to ask, “Are you a Cubs fan”? “All my life” he says, so we proceeded to chat about the Cubs for several minutes. I told him I do the Cubs spring training public address at Hohokam and he should come out for spring training, he said he plans to make the pilgrimage some day. Then off I went, thinking how cool it was to escape getting a ticket because I was a Cubs fan. Unfortunately the Highway Patrolman in Colorado wasn’t a Cubs fan.

Now the part I am really excited about – this coming Thursday and Friday I will be at Wrigley Field when the Cubs take on the Reds and then the Giants! The trip is with the Mesa Hohokams and I am taking my Dad along so it should be a great time. I love the city of Chicago and can’t wait to get some of that great authentic Chicago style pizza. It’s a quick trip Wednesday to Saturday, I will post photos and blog about the trip upon returning. Wrigley Field here we come!


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