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Prior, Lilly, and Wood

By Tim Sheridan
March 5, 2007

What a crowd yesterday, 12,903 jammed into Hohokam Stadium helping to set a new single game attendance record. One of those in attendance was my brother who was enjoying the day at the ballpark. After the game we went out for some food and drinks, so I’ll do what many brothers do and blame him for hijacking me, keeping me from my usual post game blog. I figured most of you had a chance to at least watch some of the game on WGN-TV, so I won’t go into any game review. Although I will say it was nice to see Soriano get his first spring hits going 3 for 3.

Today should be interesting with Prior slated to start against the Mariners and pitch 2 innings, followed by Ted Lilly and Kerry Wood. Of course that’s provided Wood successfully negotiates his way in and out of the shower this morning. The Cubs are looking to get off the spring schneid with a win today, I will be out in Peoria monitoring the situation and will report back here after the game. (Brother not attending) Of course wins and losses don’t really matter in March, if I remember right the Cubs had lousy win-loss records in the springs of 1984 and 1989 only to go on and win their division.

I ran into Matt Liston at Hohokam over the weekend, he has a new Cubs movie out called Chasing October which will have an Arizona Premiere sometime later this month. I’m really looking forward to seeing it, you can find out more about it on his website here. Speaking of movies if you haven’t read it on the Boys of Spring page on our website I want to let everyone know that the “Boys of Spring” movie will be premiered during Cubs Convention next January 2008. The production has taken longer than originally planned but I think you will enjoy the end result. I wish the the film had been ready sooner, but I did not want to sacrifice quality on this project as it has been a part of my life for so long and means so much to me.

Talk to you after the game. (really)

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