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Not E-4, but 4 E’s

By Tim Sheridan
June 16, 2010

Comes a time that even the most optimistic of fans like me realize it’s not going to happen for the Cubs this year. Only a couple days after Theodore’s thrilling near no-hitter we get last nights train wreck…count-em four errors, two each by D-Lee and Tyler Colvin.

Two errors in the same inning for the first time in his career by sure handed mitt-master D-Lee, this has got to be a sign of the apocalypse for the 2010 Cubs. The coinciding appearance of a giant noodle outside Wrigley Field looks to be a perfect monument to this years club…’The Noodle’ when uncooked is brittle and snaps easily, when cooked, is soft, bland, and needs flavoring.

The ‘Noodle’ is actually a new advertising tie in for the Cubs with Kraft and along with this season’s addition of the Toyota sign behind the bleachers the Ricketts are making noticeable changes to the Wrigleyville landscape. According to Cubs executive vice-president of marketing Wally Hayward these new advertisements will “continue to generate incremental revenue for the ballclub so we can continue to help the performance on the field”. No word from Wally on when the noodle will get the Cubs back to .500.

With the new advertising revenue appearing not to have kicked in yet in regards to “on field performance”; Derrek Lee said of last night, “Tonight is not a big-league game…We played like a Single-A team”. At least in spring training you know what you’re paying for and the ticket prices are commensurate with the value. Paying Cubs/Wrigley prices for a Single-A performance…Ouch!
I’ve got a new advertising tie-in for the Cubs using existing sponsors; we’ll call it “Cap & Mac”. As fans exit Wrigley they are given a free box of Kraft Mac & Cheese and a bottle of Captain Morgan, it may not change the performance on the field but might help you forget about it a little easier.
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