Episode 2

Issue Two – Call Them The Champs

By Tim Sheridan
February 8, 2022

In the second part of my graphic audio novel series, President Obama talks about what made the 2016 Cubs so special, the World Series, and that amazing game 7.

What do you get when you bring art, sports, reality, and history together in a comic book style? My one-of-a-kind commemorative graphic audio novel series. Taking you back to a special day five years ago. On that day, President Barack Obama welcomed the newly-crowned World Series Champion Chicago Cubs for a White House visit to celebrate their long awaited title. What happened during this last official Obama White House event on Martin Luther King Jr Day in 2017, was extraordinary.

Join the President, a former Chicagoan…..along with stunning original art by recluse C. Carrollton Fraser. Relive the passion and pride of the moment, with gripping visuals of the Champion Cubs and narration by President Obama as his words transcend politics.

You Can Own It

This is available as an NFT only at Rarible. Each issue of the three will have only ONE at auction, there will never be others minted. An NFT of historic proportions.  If you are interesting in bidding, go here.

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