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Sunday Soup

By Tim Sheridan
February 22, 2009

The Cubs plan to hold an open practice at Hohokam this Tuesday the 24th from 9:30am to noon the day before their opening Cactus League game vs the Dodgers on Wednesday. In the past under Dusty Baker the Cubs had played an intrasquad game prior to the spring opener but according to someone in the Cubs organization Lou Piniella would rather have a regular practice similar to those being held at Fitch. The Cubs will have no shortage of games this spring with 19 home contests at Hohokam and 20 road games prior to the April 6 opener in Houston.

What do players talk about during warm-ups and long toss, the same things most of us talk about around the water cooler, today it was movies…I didn’t hear too much, but mostly the discussion centered around what movie was going to win the Oscar tonight for best costume design, The Duchess or Revolutionary Road. Kidding on that one, really they were just discussing movie character inspired names.

Hall of Fame member Ryne Sandberg warmed up his arm today by tossing some BP at Fitch.
After a pop-up drill where the balls are shot out of a machine to give some nice spin, Soriano was next in line when the horn sounded to switch fields…He animatedly flung his arms into the air pointing to the sky calling for another one, to no avail…It’s clear Soriano really loves being out on the field playing baseball. Milton Bradley seems to be fitting in nicely with the Cubs and was seen having a good laugh with Fontenot and Theriot today during BP. Someone asked Aaron Miles if he had shown his new teammates his ring? Of course they were speaking of his World Series ring he won with that other team, he said “No, I put that away, I’m a Cub now”.

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