We Needed a Fuku-Dome Today

No doubt you have heard the Cubs new import Kosuke Fukudome has arrived here in Mesa…and what a splash he made. With huge media coverage of his every move it’s going to be a crazy spring. They say his nickname in Japan is “Dome” and we could have used one today as it was rainy and dreary, just plain un-Mesa like. This limited the players to almost nothing in the way of practice. Looks like the rain is going to clear out tonight and it will be nice and sunny tomorrow. I hope to get some photos of Fukudome tomorrow along with the rest of Cubs practice.

Until then here’s a little video to help forget winter and rain and ready you for the start of Cubs games at Hohokam Stadium!



Tim Sheridan is a Cubs fanatic who also happens to be the Cubs spring training public address announcer at Sloan Stadium and your tour guide here at boysofspring.com.

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