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Mark Prior pitching at Fitch Park today

By Tim Sheridan
May 24, 2006

I was out of Arizona for the past week and didn’t miss the 100 degree-plus temps for one minute, and summer doesn’t officially begin for another 28 days. Mark Prior is scheduled to throw in a Cubs Rookie League game today here in Mesa, I will be there and then give you a report later this afternoon.

This has been one tough stretch for the Cubs and us fans, losing 17 of the last 21 games and being 11.5 games out on May 23d is not how I envisioned this season progressing. My normally optimistic attitude is being put to the test with this club, of course the baseball season is still young. So if Wood, Prior, and D-Lee come back with a vengeance… Well, the odds on the Cubs triumvirate returning and triumphantly leading them to the playoffs are very long at best, so I probably won’t put any money down on that. Then again, I guess stranger things have happened.

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