Jackson and Campana

Tomorrow is the kick-off of the Cubs Cactus League season at Hohokam as they take on the Oakland Athletics. Today however, in the never ending effort to bring you coverage of the Cubs, we give you video from today’s intrasquad game. Sure an intrasquad game is even less meaningful than a spring training game but if you are like me and need to see and read everything Cubs, then this little video is fun and mandatory. It’s a Boys of Spring exclusive and runs two minutes thirty seconds.

Most of the Cubs starters had the day off because they will play in tomorrow’s Cactus League opener. What you will see in the video is a Brett Jackson home-run and Tony Campana’s speed. Campana bunts for a single, then steals second base, he gets caught in a pick-off between 2nd and 3rd but is able to elude the tag and goes on to score on Joe Mather’s 3 run homer. Other highlights of the game that are not on the video were: an RBI triple by outfielder Dave Sappelt and a double by Micah Gibbs.

Our Boys of Spring – Best Cubs Site awards is still upcoming, the date to be announced soon; the panel asked for more time to evaluate. Enjoy the video, after all it is the Cubs playing baseball!




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