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Cubs on 1 game win streak

By Tim Sheridan
April 9, 2010

How many of you got off the ledge after yesterdays Cubs win? It’s amazing what one nice victory can do for a person’s psyche. After the first two opening losses of the season I did some reading in the Cubs web blogosphere and many fans were talking as if the season were over already…ya know…doomed for being a Cubs fan, another season of failure on the way.

I can tell you that I was very very disappointed after that opening day thrashing by the Braves but like Lou said, it’s just one game. Dempster’s game two gem gave me a shot of optimism even though they lost in the end. Most fans realize that major league baseball isn’t like American Idol where you get tossed out for a bad performance, it’s a marathon race and it can take a bit to find the proper pace.

Right now the Cubs are finding out what they have in the pen, we knew this was going to happen with all the young guys and new faces. Thus far the Cubs relievers have had mixed results, Samardzija, Grabow, and Berg disappointing but Marshall, Russell, Caridad, and Marmol looking good. Grabow being the veteran of the group makes his performance a little harder to take. However once Theodore Roosevelt Lilly comes back most likely Gorzelanny will shift to the pen and give the Cubs another solid experienced lefty in relief.

As for Big Z, I stand by my feeling that he’s going to have a good year…Game one was his Mulligan. The Cubs have a lot of veteran position players on this roster so I think it’s important to have at least one hungry talented rookie like Tyler Colvin in the mix. Colvin looks like he belongs and will push the Cubs outfielders to keep working hard and not get complacent.

Now that the Cubs have a win under the belt, the next step is to get a win in the opening game of today’s series against the Reds. Even though Carlos Silva did a nice job this spring he still scares me…I guess it’s the unknown, new Cub, new league for him. After he has a good regular season game (hoping today), then I’ll breath a touch easier and feel better about the rotation.

I’m going to blog more often throughout the regular season right up until next spring when you will once again get the best spring training coverage of our favorite ballclub here at Boys of Spring. T

Hi ho Silva, away!

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