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Cubs Win

By Tim Sheridan
February 26, 2009

The Cubs took down the Brew Crew 7-4 today at Hohokam Stadium on another glorious Arizona day. This is going to be a short blog because I am finishing our first CubsAZ video show, which you can check out right here at BoysofSpring.com tomorrow. I interviewed WGN Cubs Radio Announcer Pat Hughes after the game, you’ll see part of that interview as well as some other spring training related goodies. Make sure to check out the inaugural CubsAZ program, tomorrow’s program also features an interesting segment: “Out of the Archives”.

I won’t go through the highlights of the game other than Milton Bradley made his first appearance in a game for the Cubs, an uneventful one inning with one AB, drawing a walk. Highlight was Jake Fox pounding a line drive three run shot to left in which Brewers LF Ryan Braun barely moved.

Sean Marshall and Chad Gaudin each pitched two innings, allowing one run a piece. Carlos Marmol saw his first action, one inning allowed a hit and a run. Angel Guzman got the save, throwing a scoreless ninth.

Attendance looks down to start off the spring season, due to both the economy and the early start of the schedule. However, the Cubs 7,916 yesterday and 6,711 today at Hohokam squashed the crap out of every other team’s venue. Some other games in Arizona and Florida drew just around the 2,000 mark or less.

It was Rick Sutcliffe’s last day helping out the squad for spring training and keeping Lou and the Boys in good humor. Sutcliffe gave Brewers Mike Cameron a big hug before the game, as did Lou Piniella. Piniella gave Cameron some flack about the large diamond in his ear, even giving him a friendly flick of the lobe. Lou’s old school, and ain’t down with the Bling.

Here are some shots of Milton in his first Cubs game AB- a walk, which he’s good at enticing, helping his OBP. Of course Milton’s been brought in to hit the ball and not ‘clog up the bases’ as Dusty Baker might say.

I’ll be on the WGEM Radio Sports Center tomorrow morning at 8:35am CST, 7:35 AZ. You can listen on the internet.

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