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Woody goes 5 in AZ

By Tim Sheridan
May 2, 2006

Just returned from Fitch Park where I watched Kerry Wood pitch 5 innings for the Cubs rookie league team vs the Giants rookie league team. Kerry looked very good but that’s to be expected going against youngsters at the lower rungs of the minor leagues. He allowed only one hit, a hard hit double to the gap in right center, he also K’d 8 in 5 innings pitched.

Here is a bat by bat account of Wood’s performance today:

1st Inning

1 – Borg hits weak Grounder to 1st base

2 – Schoop hits weak grounder to 1st base

3 – Sosa(not Sammy) K’s

2nd Inning

1 – Abreu pops out to Right Field

2 – Thompson K’s (swinging)

3 – Creswell K’s (swinging)

3rd Inning

1 – Nunez K’s (looking)

2 – Sarrento grounds out to Short

3 – Paulino weak grounder to Wood. Paulino swung so hard on the second strike the bat flew out of his hands past 3rd base, landing on the outfield grass

4th Inning

1 – Luster pop foul out to 1st baseman

2 – Borg K’s (swinging)

3 – Schoop K-s (swinging) 4 pitches

5th Inning

1 – Sosa on a 2-1 count hits a double to right center gap

2 – Abreu K’s (3 pitches)

3 – Thompson pops out to right center advancing Sosa to 3d base

4 – Creswell K-s (looking)

Woody looked to be laboring a little in the 5th inning, making a few grunting noises on some pitches, which I hadn’t heard up until that time. Overall today was very successful, if Kerry’s arm feels good tomorrow look for him to pitch next in a rehab assignment with one of the Cubs minor league affiliates.

Oneri Fleita, Cubs Director of Player Development and Latin American Operations was on hand today as well as Kerry’s wife and baby. Many of the players Wood faced today looked intimidated before even getting into the batters box. Both rookie teams (Cubs and Giants) watched Wood’s every move at Fitch. If this was a movie set, Wood was the star, and everyone else an extra.

Kerry Wood today at Fitch Park in Mesa

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