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The Last Week

By Tim Sheridan
March 28, 2009

With the Cubs final spring game only one week away, I’m getting very excited for the start of the regular season. As I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s bitter sweet for me because when the Cubs leave AZ I won’t be around the team on a day to day basis. So I got to thinking, what are some of the things that make spring training so much fun.

Great weather, lots of sun and less clothing required.

Relaxed fun environment, for players and fans.

Close proximity to players.

Get to see young Cubs prospects for the first time.

Hohokam pressbox offers panoramic mountain views

BP closer to game time, making it easier for fans to watch.

Opportunities for anyone to sing 7th inning stretch.

Smaller more intimate environment means you’re more likely to see Hall of Famers, current players, broadcasters, coaches and staff just walking around.

Can snow ski on a mountain in the morning, go to a game later the same day.

St. Patrick’s Day is during Spring Training.

March Madness is during Spring Training.

First Official Day of Spring is during Spring Training.

Two Words: Spring Break

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