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This Twitter Thing

By Tim Sheridan
February 16, 2010

All right I may as well come out and say, I was pretty skeptical about this whole Twitter thing…after all I was resistant to the cell phone for quite a while because I didn’t want people to reach me anywhere at anytime. My thinking on Twitter was, what is the point of these 140 character statements? Just another way to chat with friends and talk in very brief terms on useless garbage…After all, do I really care if you got “way bent last night” or that “you’re going to see Avatar for the 27th time”?

Of course then I started looking a bit deeper at Twitter and saw the particular applications and how it could be useful. From my unique vantage point as P.A. Announcer during spring training I could convey near real-time information to Cubs fans everywhere about the happenings on the Fitch Park Fields or what took place in bp before the game at Hohokam. Stuff that hard-core Cubs fans like me would love to know and can’t hear anywhere else.

This is the start of year 6 for the Boys of Spring website and I’m proud of what this site offers as your Cubs Spring Training eyes and ears. I feel very lucky to have one of the best seats in the house at Hohokam during this kick-ass fun time of the year. I want to thank all of you for coming to BOS, I truly enjoy passing along my blogs, photos, videos, and now Tweets to all my Cub fan brethren! And thanks to those of you tweeting and re-tweeting about BOS!

Who knew that you could also learn plenty on Twitter, this tweet from the Iowa Cubs last night: Happy President’s Day! Harry Truman (33rd Prez) was the 1st president to attend a night game of baseball on August 17, 1948 in Washington DC 7:48 AM Feb 15th

Go Cubs! T

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