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By Tim Sheridan
April 4, 2007

As I mentioned the last couple years around this time, my blog will not be updated on a day to day basis covering the Cubs progress through the season, that is being done in many places on the net. My goal with boysofspring.com is to develop this site into the best source on the web for Cubs spring training information. From the day pitchers and catchers report until the start of the regular season, boysofspring.com is your ultimate Cubs spring training source. We are always adding new features and trying to improve this site for you- The Cubs Fan!

I would like to take a minute and answer a few questions that have come up during the past month and a half.

When will the Boys of Spring Cubs documentary be available?
Cubs Convention January 2008.

How can we advertise on boysofspring.com?
I have made it a priority to keep this website free of all external advertising, pop-ups, and other crap that bugs people on the net. We will sell our products and DVD’s produced for Cubs fans by Boys of Spring on this site, but that’s all.

What is cubsAZ.com?
Another way to get here and an alternate name we are now using for this
site. I think it’s easier to remember and doesn’t get confused between
boys of spring and boys of summer.

Do you do Public Address announcing in the regular season?
No I don’t, the only team I would do that for is the Cubs at Wrigley Field and they currently have 3 people who split those duties.

Is it too late to become a sponsor for the Boys of Spring documentary?
No it’s not, we continue to seek sponsors for the film. This is your chance to be involved with a one of a kind Cubs film project!

Will you continue to blog during the regular baseball season?
Yes I will, just not as often as when I am involved with the Cubs in spring. Check in from time to time as I will blog about what I’m doing, like going to Wrigley Field with the Hohokams in June.

I hear you say Hohokam “Stadium” at the games, isn’t it Hohokam “Park”?
Well it was Hohokam Park until the City of Mesa decided to change the name to Hohokam Stadium about 2 springs ago. I don’t know the reason for the change, Hohokam does hold an occasional concert so I’m guessing it was for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions or comments you can email us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

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