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Holy Cow, it’s Presidents Day!

By Tim Sheridan
February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day to you all, and a tip of the cap to these inspiring leaders who led this great country. Yes, I can be serious and patriotic on occasion.

Today is final reporting date for all Cubs players with the first official full-squad workout coming tomorrow. You can see video of tomorrows practice from Fitch Park here on CubsAZ.com Tuesday evening. Like last year it’s good to see most position players have already reported to Fitch Park before the required date.

Another milestone of note today, 10 years ago on February 18th 1998 legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray passed away. At old Hohokam Park I was lucky enough to sit between WGN TV and WGN Radio next to Harry…talk about fun times. In 1996 they ran a small blurb about me in the Cubs spring training program with a photo of Harry and me. It was the only photo of Harry in that program, people would open it to that page so he could autograph it. One day that spring Harry is signing autographs in the box, he turns to me and says “every time I sign my name it’s on your face, people aren’t going recognize you around here without Holy Cow written on your forehead.”

Towards the end of that spring someone in the booth asked if I had gotten Harry to sign the page for me. I hadn’t, so they asked him if he would sign it. The image below is what he signed on my program; he was one of a kind!

Comcast Sports Net will be running a tribute to Harry throughout the day today. We will have our own small tribute to Harry on our first weekly CubsAZ video program this Friday. Be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon/evening for a look at the Cubs first full-squad work out.


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