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Our Very Own Albert

By Tim Sheridan
June 6, 2012

Finally a win for Ryan Dempster! The guy has pitched consistently well all season and just not gotten the run support.  A 10-0 shellacking of the Brewers last night at Wrigley North (technically not a home game), ends the 11 game road loss streak. The 11 game road loss streak had tied an all-time Cubs consecutive road loss record that was last seen in 1954. Let’s hope the Cubs hitters didn’t use up all Dempster’s allotted runs for his next starts in last night’s game.

MLB has been holding its draft this week, and it seems there is a lot more fan attention being paid to the process now than in the past.  However, unless eligibility requirements change, the MLB draft will never enjoy the popularity of the NFL draft. It’s just difficult for fans to wait, in many cases 4 or more years to see if a kid is even going to become an MLB worthy player. That being said, this is the first Cubs draft for Epstein and company, so it will be analyzed closely by the Cubs faithful.

Cubs top pick Albert Almora

The big name for the Northsiders was the first player selected at #6 in the first round – Albert Almora, a 6’2″ 180lbs, right-hand hitting centerfielder from Mater Academy High School in Florida. He has a commitment to the University of Miami, but he has shown a lot of excitement in being drafted by the Cubs. The Cubs have been scouting and doing due diligence on Almora for quite a while, so my guess is, he signs before the July 13 deadline. This may mean going over the $3.25 million suggested bonus for his draft slot. Then again Almora is being advised by agent Scott Boras, so we’ll see what happens. In the first two days of the draft, eleven of the Cubs seventeen picks went for pitchers (2 lefties, 9 righties), of those arms, six have college experience and five are high school players.

I’m excited because this weekend I get to see the Cubs play in person, against the Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis. As some of you may know, I am originally from Minneapolis, although my parents moved the family to Arizona when I was a teenager. It’s been several years since I’ve been to my hometown, and like Chicago, it is one of my favorite cities to visit. I plan to do some blogging (with photos), of my trip, so look for that next week. I’ll be at the Sunday game for sure (the final road game of this stretch), possibly the Saturday game as well.

It seems unlikely but since this weekend is interleague play, it would be cool if the Cubs decided to bring up Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo has been nothing short of spectacular at Triple-A Iowa and surely the Cubs could sure use another potent power bat. I know, I know, remember what Theo says, patience.

Go Cubs!

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