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Happy Cubs Pitchers and Catchers Report Day!

By Tim Sheridan
February 14, 2017

I would say I’m as romantic as the next guy. In fact, I do realize it’s Valentine’s Day today. Hey, that alone should count for something. So why did I get a hard time from my girl when I suggested let’s go to Sloan Park today because Cubs Pitchers and Catchers are arriving in Mesa. What…that’s not romantic? Her reply was, let’s go on the 18th when full-squad workouts start, then all the guys will be there. And that my friends, is how you know you’ve picked the right one – true romance!

Albert Almora
Albert Almora

Cubs Pitchers and Catchers officially report today. How can it be that we are starting another baseball season? Didn’t we just experience the ups and downs game 7, the tie score, the extra inning, the rain delay, the Cubs resolve to scratch out 2 runs in the 10th for their first World Series title in 108 years? It sure seemed like a short off-season.

I suppose, it seemed short, because it actually was short. If we go back to the last game of the 2014 season, (the last time the Cubs didn’t make the playoffs) the number of days between that last game of 2014 and the first spring full-squad workout of 2015 was – 151 days. The number of days between that game 7 World Series night and the start of this spring’s full-squad workouts – 108 days. Hmmm 108, that number again. I don’t know about you, but as a Cubs fan, I’m super comfortable with the shorter off-season!

Of course if you’ve been following me here, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube, you already know, I’ve been down to Sloan Park many times over the past few weeks. I’ve posted videos of Kyle Schwarber, Jon Jay, and Jason Heyward hitting in the cages. With such great facilities like the Under Armour Performance Center located at Sloan Park, many of the players come in during the off-season to train. The days of players waiting to get in shape until spring workouts start are long gone!

So here we are, February 14th and it’s on. The Cubs Pitchers and Catchers are arriving in Mesa today to begin the preparation to defend their title! One of our outstanding photographers here at BOS is John Antonoff, he was at Sloan Park yesterday and captured the following images. Sunshine and 72 degree temps expected today in Mesa. Enjoy the photos!

Koji Uehara
Koji Uehara
Albert Almora
Albert Almora running a drill
New Cub Jon Jay
New Cub Jon Jay has been an early arrival
Victor Caratini
Catcher Victor Caratini
John Andreoli
John Andreoli plans to play for the Italian Team in the WBC
Kyke Schwarber Cubs
Doing a drill using tennis balls and no gloves
Cubs Jon Jay and Kyle Schwarber
Jon Jay and Kyle Schwarber


Cubs Kyle Schwarber
Schwarbs on the move
Jon Jay and Kyle Schwarber Cubs
Jay & Schwarber


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