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Today I’m more excited for the Cubs opener, than any other time in my Cubs fandom. That excitement isn’t only about this season, but rather the paradigm shift that will lead the Cubs into being a competitive ballclub, year in, year out. Team Theo has built up the Cubs minor league system the past three years into one of the best in all of baseball, however, it was the signings of Joe Maddon and Jon Lester that signaled – It’s go time!

As the season begins with high hopes and dreams, the reality of the situation is, the Cubs are in what looks to be one of the most competitive divisions in all of baseball. And with that in mind, I’ll let the Cubs Manager close this blog post. “We can’t expect anything to be given to us,” said Joe Maddon, “If we’re going to ascend within this division, we’re going to have to take it.”

Go Cubs!



Tim Sheridan is a Cubs fanatic who also happens to be the Cubs spring training public address announcer at Sloan Stadium and your tour guide here at boysofspring.com.

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