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DeRo Show at Hoho – The Photos

By Tim Sheridan
March 30, 2009

As you probably know I take almost all of the photos you see here at Boys of Spring, however it is nearly impossible for me to take any shots during games at Hohokam since I am announcing and up in the press box. So I have enlisted the help of a fellow Cubs fan Garrett Craig for the final games at Hohokam. These were taken by Garrett yesterday except for the one I took of Dempster and Kerry Wood together. You can see more of Garrett’s photos here at Flickr, and if you are looking for a freelance photographer with a good eye for sports in the Chicago area give Garrett an email at Flickr or here at [email protected].

Dempster and Woody pre-game

Wonder what Jim was thinking about the DeRo trade after the game

Theodore on the mound

One of two HR trots


Not a HR but a monster smash

DeRo’s ball hits near top of batters eye

Sometimes a Managers job is a lonely one

Wood on the mound

Beardless Gaudin

After A-Ram doubles, German pinch runs

Reed Johnson followed A-Ram’s double with a pinch hit HR

Gathright puts on the brakes on 8th inning double

Signing for the fans

Man of the hour talks with the press after big game

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