Almora And Bryant Go Yard

I went to the Cubs B game against the Angels this afternoon at Sloan Park. These are low-key games, with no P.A. Announcing, so I was able to enjoy watching the game and take some video. These games don’t count in the spring standings, nor do any stats, but they can be fun and competitive none-the-less. Some of the Cubs highlights included a nice outing form Kyle Hendricks, 5 innings, 5 hits, 2 runs, 7 K’s and 0 walks. The Cubs got home runs from Albert Almora and Kris Bryant.

The game wasn’t televised, so you may not have seen any of the highlights. There are a few fan videos on the net of Bryant’s HR, but I think you’ll get a good feel from this video I shot and edited. Enjoy!





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  1. I was following along the B game play by play. I know #91 and 98 got at bats but didn’t know who they were. And #82 came in and pitched at the end. I was wondering if you could tell me who they were. Thanks

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