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Clear The Way it’s Playoff Time!

By Tim Sheridan
October 3, 2016

Thank you to those who have downloaded the Cubs rock anthem Clear The Way and joined our fundraiser for the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation! I would have loved to see more people purchase the song over the past weekend, as it’s going to such a great cause. However, there is still time and all proceeds of purchased downloads until October 9th are going to Anthony’s foundation!! So buy the song here for $1.29 and help us fight cancer with @ARizz44!! We are using SendOwl for you to buy and download the song, you can use PayPal or a credit card when purchasing. If you want to hear (and see) the song Clear The Way before you buy and download, you can do that here or watch it below.

cubs-marquee-playoffs-2016I’m a huge music fan and enjoy many types and styles of music. When I originally envisioned Clear The Way, it swirled around in my brain as old school rock, a song that I could picture myself listening to and getting fired up on the way to Wrigley Field. It feels appropriate now…”Bleeding blue October calls” are some of the lyrics. We played Clear The Way at Sloan Park this spring prior to first pitch, so it’s got serious energy and mojo having been played at the beginning of this historic Cubs 103 win season!

I am sooooo ready for the playoffs, and super excited as I’m headed to Chicago this week! I’ll be at Friday’s opening playoff game, and hopefully Saturday’s as well. You can bet I’ll be getting pumped listening to Clear The Way on my headphones, on the plane and on the way to Wrigley! My goal is to get Clear The Way played at Wrigley Field for the playoff games. Which would really help the exposure for our Rizzo Foundation fundraiser.

I’ll be posting and tweeting on social media about my journey, the playoff games, our Rizz fundraiser, Wrigleyville, and my quest to get Clear The Way played at Wrigley Field! There are many Cubs songs out these days, but I can assure you that Clear The Way is the only one that used the microphone Harry Caray sang the 7th inning stretch with to record portions of the song. And the only one that is donating all proceeds to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation!

The Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs as a Wild-Card participant, I was very sorry to see that. Did you detect any hints of sarcasm in that sentence? The Cubs are still favorites to win the World Series and now it’s time show the world! On another note, I changed the logo header slightly here on the website. Yes, I think we are ready! Go Cubs!


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