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Calling Big Dog NFT Collectors

By Tim Sheridan
April 6, 2022

Very excited about opening day tomorrow for the Cubs at Wrigley! I’m also excited about selling one of the most unique baseball collections as an NFT. A collection like none other, which is just a fact, it is as unique as they come. As mentioned previously a few days ago, with this NFT, you actually get the real items!! For more info on the scope of this concept please read  my Big Announcement blog.

Without further ado, here below is additional insight and specifics of what is included in this collection.

More Than A Collection – A Brand and Intellectual Property

Included in the Tim Sheridan – A life in baseball sale are these entities.

Boys of Spring a brand and website which has been going strong for 18 seasons since February 2005. The website offers a multimedia look chronicling the Cubs, with a focus on the beginning of each season and the goings on in baseball at the magical time of year when any team can win it all. The website includes a blog of the historical play-by-play behind the scenes, and happenings with an inside look at the Cubs and Cactus League over the past 18 years. These are all drawn from Tim’s unique perspective of nearly four decades as a Cactus League and Cubs announcer.

Boys of Spring YouTube Channel, with its all-original videos that have garnered critical success and nearly a million views, despite no single one ‘going viral’.

Some of the popular one-of-a-kind videos are:

The very first video posted on YouTube of Ryan Dempster doing his Harry Caray impersonation.

Eddie Vedder sang a touching rendition of his Cubs tribute song the day after learning that Ernie Banks had passed. It was Mr. Cub who asked Eddie to write the song.

One-of-a-kind handcrafted original videos of the Cubs top 35 prospects prior to the 2014 season, which included Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Kyle Hendricks and so many more. These videos were done in conjunction with the writings of the late John Arguello from Cubs Den.

Those are just a tiny sampling of the more than 80 original videos on the YouTube Channel.

CubTalks Documentary Web Series – Which ran two seasons until shutting down due to the Pandemic and with a total of 32 episodes.

Some of the top episodes include a hitting contest between Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, and Shawon Dunstion, that is flat out hilarious due in part to Dunston being Dunston.

Former Cubs announcer Vince Lloyd talking about his major media coup of being the first broadcaster to interview a serving President (JFK) live at a sporting event.

Fergie Jenkins talked about his performance in the 1967 All-Star game, where he struck out six of the top sluggers in the American League: Harmon Killebrew, Tony Conigliaro, Mickey Mantle, Jim Fregosi, Rod Carew and Tony Oliva.

An episode about reality TV, with Kerry Wood and David Ross making cameos.

Again, all of this is just a sampling of the mountain of film, photos, video footage, one-of-a-kind items, and intellectual property in the Sheridan Collection and Archive Portfolio. If you want a full listing or have interest in purchasing the collection please email [email protected]

More of the collection info coming tomorrow on opening day!

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