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No Offense but…

By Tim Sheridan
July 22, 2008

Last night Rich Harden pitched outstanding, another 10 K’s with only a loss to show for it. Harden made one mistake giving up a HR to Alex Romero, combined with no run support from the Cubs’ offense resulting in a disappointing 2-0 defeat to the Diamondbacks at Chase Field. It really was a tough loss as the Cubs hit Randy Johnson hard, but the balls went either right at someone or the DBacks made excellent defensive plays. It’s a very good thing that Alfonso Soriano is coming back this week – provided he has no set-backs – the Cubs need an offensive spark. It’s games like last night and the two losses in Houston where his bat could make the difference between winning and losing.

Good to see Soriano back (fielding during bp)

Some observations from last night’s festivities at Chase Field: Man, it was HOT – I don’t mean outside – but inside the building. I suppose some seats are better than others in this regard, but maybe the DBacks are trying to cut down on the cooling expenses because it was downright uncomfortable. At least at Wrigley, when it’s hot you have a chance of getting a cooling breeze.

Cedeno started at 2nd

The introduction of the Cubs starting line-up was a joke. The barely audible PA Announcer rattled thru the line-up so fast if you sneezed you would have missed it. Very disrespectful to the visiting team in my opinion. Of course the intros for the DBacks were of the over the top basketball/hockey like variety. Randddddddeeeeee Johnnnnn-sonnnnnn, yea we get it…nothing like trying to artificially pump up the unresponsive DBacks fans. This stadium has some great amenities, no doubt, but what a contrast from my recent experience at Wrigley. Chase Field is the anti-Wrigley with it’s Las Vegas style eye-tormenting cluttered neon and advertising everywhere you look.

Fontenot and Theriot have a laugh during bp

A huge amount of Cubs fans were on hand (as usual) displaying much more enthusiasm than the mostly stoic DBacks fans. The Dbacks also have between-innings live commercials with separate announcers who are doing bits or promos from different areas of the ballpark. At one point they are on top of the dugout doing a “let’s make a deal” type giveaway. A Cubs fan selects the box which turns out to have a pail of water in it. Of course, the skit ends with the pail of water being thrown onto the fans and, you guessed it, not water but confetti. This skit wasn’t even funny when the Harlem Globetrotters did it ad nauseum in the 1970s and 80s. Sorry about the rant but these things things seem more annoying to me when the Cubs lose.

I’ll be watching tonight’s game on WGN from the cool, comfort of my couch.

Things are looking up with Soriano back soon

Go Cubs~

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