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Eight (Long) Days

I'm currently a little antsy about...

By Tim Sheridan
April 4, 2019

What is up with the Cubs bullpen? I really didn’t like how last night’s game ended, kind of upsetting.

I was working on this week’s CubTalks Episode 7 while watching the game last night. Looking at some of my old video made me nostalgic for the 1990’s. It was a fun decade, at least for me. If you want to forget about last night’s game, give it a watch (below). Or better yet, binge all the episodes so far. In Episode 7, you will see diverse cameo appearances of people and things I filmed in the 90’s, some of which include: Michael Jordan playing baseball, Blues-man B.B. King in Sedona, Pro Beach Volleyball, the AZ Cardinals in Flagstaff, and of course some of our Cubs.

It has been eight full long days since the the final spring game at Sloan Park against the Red Sox, for me and the Cubs. Certainly most of us expected a better start to the Cubs season than what has happened so far, but as the Rolling Stones said, “you can’t always get what you want.” Those Stones lyrics certainly resonated this off-season as well – no Bryce Harper, Machado, etc.

Hey, I’m not giving up on the season, hell it’s just begun. Let’s just say, I’m currently a little antsy about our boys. Of course if the season goes sideways (I’m not saying it will), serious questions will need to be asked. After all, it was Tom Ricketts and Theo Epstein who told us they didn’t want to just win ONE World Series, they wanted the franchise to be competitive long-term, year-in-year-out!

If I could have asked Theo a question as spring training closed, it would have been – with only a few minor roster additions, do you think this years club will be competitive? Now the real answer, is probably not one he could give, because it might throw the owner under the bus. Of course Theo wants ALL the best players, any true baseball man would, but reality and money often come into play.

The Cubs according to Forbes, are worth $2.9 Billion dollars, which is nearly double the MLB average! I didn’t start this blog to complain or even point fingers, because the season is young and even though it’s been a rough start for the Cubs, it’s early – very early. Maybe the Cubs will make a needed move, or maybe not. All we can do as fans, is let the season play out. We will also analyze and grumble, hopefully with less grumbling as the season goes on.

As for me, in the last eight days I’ve traveled 1800 miles, moved an entire household and tried to keep up on the Cubs and the world in the process. I don’t ever want to move again, unless someone else is doing all the work! I’m now living in the city where I grew up, Minneapolis. Since I’m living very close to a beach and within a half-mile of three lakes – I’m excited about the upcoming summer, no matter how the Cubs play.

I’m hoping the proximity to the Windy City means I can get down to the Friendly Confines more often to see the Cubs and visit my Chicago friends. Who knows, by the end of summer, maybe we’ll find out the Rollings Stones were wrong after all.

Just to be clear, I’ll still be heading down to Arizona each spring to do the Public Address Announcing at Sloan Park, as long as the Cubs will have me! CubTalks will also be producing a new weekly episode every Wednesday throughout the whole year. Like me, the CT web series is not just a spring thing. Wherever I’m at, I’m living the Cubs life!

My local cooling-off place in summer


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Nancy Thomas

Tim – I can’t believe you aren’t in AZ any longer! What a big change from AZ to MN! I just want to tell you that I have really enjoyed this video series and hope to see it again next spring. Are you still going to Spring Training? Glad you survived the move and hope it’s great for your family. Your Cub friend, Nancy


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