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BOS Exclusive – First Look at Cubs

By Tim Sheridan
February 11, 2010

The photos below are that rarest of breeds, the exclusive and world wide first look at the 2010 Chicago Cubs in action (at least some of them)…Much like the exclusive first photos I shot of Angelina Jolie’s 15th adopted child and Gary Coleman’s birthday romp at the beach with Ivana Trump these will be sure to garner big bucks. However, as a thank you to all who come back every spring to the Boys of Spring website I’m posting them here before they go to TMZ and OMG.

Spring training may not have officially started yet (Pitchers and Catchers report Feb. 17) but you wouldnt know it down at Fitch Park here in Mesa. Many Cubs have come in early to start working out, those I saw today were Carlos Zambrano, Sean Marshall, Tom Gorzelanny, John Grabow, David Wells, Sam Fuld, and Tyler Colvin and a host of Cubs minor leaguers.

My apologies to those of you in Chicago and the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic States, and anywhere else that’s had a tough winter but it’s absolutely perfect baseball weather here in the Valley of the Sun. Our ten day forecast shows sunshine and high temps between 70-75, this is the payoff for the AZ summer heat…The months of November through April are the reason we live or snowbird here.

My Notes from today: Big Z looks to be in the best shape I’ve ever seen coming into camp. Tyler Colvin is noticeably larger and added some muscle, I’m guessing at least 10 lbs, but I’ll ask him. Z was taking some early BP and as usual was crushing the ball; I swear he could have made the Babe Ruthian change from pitcher to position player if he started a few years back. After the early rounds of BP Tyler Colvin and Sean Marshall took a break and tossed the pigskin around…lingering after effects of the recent Super Bowl no doubt. The Cubs players are working without coaches this week but strength and conditioning coordinator Tim Buss is overseeing and keeping the guys in line…or maybe they’re keeping Bussy in line, not sure which.

Boys of Spring is your place for Chicago Cubs spring training, I’ll also be tweeting this spring or is it twittering? Lingo aside, it should be interesting.

Go Cubs! T

Grabow and Wells

Sean Marshall gettin a grip

Big Z in cage

In shape and ready

Marshall deals

Colvin the QB

Z and Colvin having some fun

Colvin can’t make the shirt basket catch

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