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A Spring Thing

By Tim Sheridan
March 30, 2008

It’s too bad I can’t ship some of this AZ weather up to Chicago for the next couple weeks, our Mesa 10 day forecast is very simple – Sunny with highs between 77 and 82. Since we are just waiting for tomorrow’s opener, I thought I would pass along some of the photos I took this spring. Enjoy~

Tyler Colvin and Daryle Ward

Kosuke Fukudome


Felix Pie

Geovany Soto

Sam Fuld

Big Z

Pitchers Listen


Riot, DeRo, A-Ram, D-Lee

Tyler Colvin


Jeff Samardzija

Jason Marquis

Mike Quade and Dome


Dome at Fitch

New Doors at Hohokam this season

Sean Gallagher

Eyre and Wood

Ward shows Tim Buss where it went

Pie says…

Big Z


Working at Fitch

Eric Patterson

Rich Hill tosses on the run at Fitch Park

Hill in pen at Phx Muni

Jeff Samardzija

Dome at Muni




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