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Vegas Today, Mesa Tomorrow

By Tim Sheridan
March 5, 2009

So the Cubs lost a couple split-squad games yesterday, big deal…It’s only spring training. Or as Cub fan Bill Murray chanted in the movie Meatballs “It just doesn’t matter”. It sounds odd but it’s really true, when the Cubs won the division in 1984 and 1989 they had horrible spring records in terms of wins and losses. Wins and losses take a back seat to getting the team ready for the season, which is the only purpose of spring training…However, the spring games are now a revenue generator so the atmosphere must be at least similar to a regular game in terms of the ball park experience. In my first years as Hohokam PA Announcer starting in 1984 we didn’t even have music or advertising between innings, it was truly a laid-back baseball experience.

I won’t go into the games of yesterday other than to say it was good to see Milton Bradley get his first hit of the spring. And it was fun to actually watch the Cubs on TV last night, in spite of the outcome. Before the Cubs left for Vegas I had a chance to sit down with Cubs play-by-play man Len Kasper and talk Cubs, you can see part of that interview on this weeks CubsAZ video show, which will be up on our site this evening. The new CubsAZ show will be in the media/TV box on the home page and multimedia page…It lasts about 6 minutes.

Speaking of multimedia, I did a spring training audio report for my friends over at Cubscast.com today…I talked about some of the new additions to the team, Joey Gathright, Aaron Miles, and Milton Bradley. Cubscast has a great website with unique podcasts; right now they’re running a photo caption contest with one of my Fitch Park photos of Dempster and Harden.

I will also be on the WGEM radio SportsCenter show tomorrow at 8:35am Central Time…You can listen live on streaming audio over the net. Now I’m going to go watch the Cubs and Sox go at it again on TV.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a blog after the game at Hohokam as the Cubs host the Dodgers. So to recap and shamelessly promote – Check out the new video episode of CubsAZ here at Boys of Spring which will be available this evening, stop by the Cubscast website and listen to their podcast, and drop by WGEM radio tomorrow morning on the web for SportsCenter and Cubs chat at 8:30 am. Hey, I’m just trying to make it as easy as possible to get what you want…more Cubs for those who can’t get enough Cubs!

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