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Win Two and Be One

By Tim Sheridan
April 20, 2011

Here’s the beauty of things as they stand right now, if the Cubs win both games of today and tonight’s doubleheader they will be in first place in the Central Division. The fact that the Cubs are close to first probably speaks more for the weakness of the division. But hey, even if you win a crummy division you get a spot in the playoffs.

At 8-8 plenty of interesting things have been happening with the Cubs. Like Monday night’s 1-0 win in 10 innings as slumping Tyler Colvin comes through with a pinch-hit RBI double driving in Geo for the win. In my last blog I mentioned all the one-run games the Cubs lost last year, so a tough one-run win in near freezing conditions at Wrigley was especially satisfying. Big Z’s 10K effort in that game was of the dominant Z variety, the type he’s capable of every time out, the type we hope to see as the season goes on. Starlin Castro has started this season hitting like few 21 year olds in MLB history. The team’s .500 record has seen inconsistent starting pitching from the top 3 guys, Dempster, Z, and Garza. If these three pick it up a notch, the Cubs may surprise people yet. We’ll see if Garza can take a step in the right direction today,

Sure 8-8 may be considered so-so but as these 2011 Cubs are finding their team identity it’s pretty nice to have a shot at first place today, even in a sluggish division.

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