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Total Cubs Diet

By Tim Sheridan
January 15, 2013

Tim's ViewWelcome back to Boys of Spring and Sheridan’s Blog; I hope the holiday season was good to you! After the New Year and the BCS Championship game (sorry to bring that up Samardzija and Irish fans) it’s now all about baseball, at least for me. Sure I’ll watch the Super Bowl, but I’m already transitioning to spring training and CUBS BASEBALL! I’ve said before that Cubs spring training is like an extended college spring break; luckily I just never seem to graduate. This spring training is going to be like Daytona Beach on steroids (Note to Hall of Fame voters; I don’t mean actual steroids or PED’s). This spring I will not only be blogging, photographing, video taping, and announcing the Cubs games, I’ll actually be playing baseball in a Cubs uniform.

For many casual baseball fans spring training doesn’t appear on the radar until March. Being here in AZ, I can tell you, it’s a busy baseball time before March and especially prior to the regular season opener. Some of the diamond related events include, Cubs Convention this weekend (I’ll be there), a spring training festival (I’ll be there), Camp Bussy at Fitch Park (already been there), and the Randy Hundley Cubs Fantasy Camp (I’ll be playing). There is also the World Baseball Classic and the ongoing construction of the Cubs future spring home Wrigleyville West. Last and certainly not least, is this year’s Cubs farewell spring season at Fitch Park and Hohokam Stadium. Pitchers and catchers report to Fitch Park on February 10th.

The consensus among most experts is that the Cubs won’t be a very good team in 2013, and perhaps they are right. However, I prefer to watch the team workout and go through all the exhibition games before making any such judgment. I’ll be reporting here at Sheridan’s Blog what I see, hear, and do, during my impending baseball immersion. I’ve mixed up a big batch of the magical blue Kool-Aid; I’ve already been drinking it. So for the next two and a half months, join me, and take a sip of the blue youth-instilling elixir that is Cubs spring training.

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