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Tonight it Begins

By Tim Sheridan
April 6, 2009

A new season starts this evening for the Chicago Cubs and like many fans I wonder will this be the year? Of course that question needs to be clarified, does it mean, will this be the year the Cubs make it to the World Series? Or will this be the year the Cubs WIN a World Series? The bottom line is every season is different and they need to make the playoffs first. The Cubs are two time defending Central Champs and that status puts a big target on their back.

This Cubs team is a different one than the 97 game winners of last season with many new faces, hopefully a retooled better version…One that has the talent and drive to persevere through the regular season and then find the will and resourcefulness to win in the playoffs.

Today however isn’t the time to think or worry about a World Series it’s the beginning of a journey, one that will have many ups and downs, unexpected events, and with any luck give all Cubs fans much enjoyment along the way. We can worry about the playoffs in 6 months but right now we will see how this reconfigured team will set it’s course in a new season.

Think about it, what lies ahead during the next 162 games? Will Big Z or Dempster become the Cubs first 20 game winner since Jon Lieber in 2001? Will Milton Bradley stay healthy and keep his emotions from getting the best of him? Will Fukudome rebound at the plate or will he be a $48 million platoon defensive specialist? Will Kevin Gregg be a lock down closer? All of the answers to these questions and so many more are about to unfold for us beginning tonight. Let’s play ball, go Cubs!

I apologize for not having the episode of CubsAZ for you today but the day before the final Cubs Cactus League game last Thursday I came down with a cold that developed into a brutal sinus infection and am only starting to feel a bit better today.

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