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By Tim Sheridan
February 12, 2008

As I write this the countdown clock on our home page says 15 hours, 55 minutes, and 17 seconds…that as most of you know is when the Cubs pitchers and catchers report to Fitch Park here in Mesa. Yes, I will be there even though the first official workout isn’t until Thursday. Which means not a lot will be going on tomorrow but I will try to get some photos of the Cubs boys of spring as they arrive.

Matt Murton from spring 2007

If you are headed to Fitch Park (651 N. Center St. – about a half mile south of Hohokam Stadium) during the next 2 weeks, Cubs practices start around 9am and run until about noon. There is no admission cost and parking is on the south side of Fitch off of E. 6th Place.

A few notes of interest: Hohokam Stadium has been upgraded acoustically with a new and improved PA system, sporting new speakers out in the berm area and in the outfield grandstands. This has been much needed for several years and it should make the Hohokam Stadium game day experience a little better.

Kids can run around the stadium bases after every weekend game this spring at Hohokam, just like the big leaguers. Any kid who isn’t faster than the slowest Molina brother will have to run twice…kids under 4 years old are exempt from this rule.

Something that might make your game day experience much better is the addition of Land Shark Lager which is put out by the folks at Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett’s corporate world and state of mind). They say it’s a refreshing, drinkable island lager brewed with a complex blend of hops. Check it out here. If you are in the lawn area you will now have the opportunity to order yourself a Martini, yes I said “Martini’. There has never been a better chance to skip out on work for an afternoon at the ballpark, and at the same time enjoy a three Martini lunch. Harry Caray is probably up there smiling at the thought.

For those of you in the parts of the country hard hit by winter, spring is on the way…not sure when it will reach you but it’s here in AZ now, 75 degrees and sunshine today. Photos and video of Chicago Cubs and palm trees won’t make you any warmer but it might take your mind off winter for a little bit. Baseball is nearly here my friends and I can hardly wait…until tomorrow!


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