Things I Saw at Sloan Park Today

Kyle Schwarber launched one bomb after another in batting practice. I know, I know, it’s just bp…But these aren’t your everyday “it cleared” the fence HR’s. These are some mammoth monster blasts. I mean Schwarbs is destroying baseballs like few players I’ve ever seen. Watching him swing, it’s hard to believe we aren’t even to full-squad report date yet!

Pitchers were doing a drill where they field it, then throw to first base. One pitcher was tossing it underhanded to first base. I’ll give you one guess who.

After practice, Willie was called over by a new Cubs staff member, the two had a pretty long chat. “Willie” is Willson Contreras and the new staff member is Special Assistant David Ross. I love to see Grandpa Rossy passing along his wisdom to a young catcher like Contreras. And with Contreras getting the keys to the Lester-mobile this year, this is likely an ongoing process.

Willson Contreras getting some Grandpa Rossy advice.

Willson Contreras getting some Grandpa Rossy advice.

My car has a few chinks and cracks in the front windshield, so I deliberately parked where a Schwarber bomb might conveniently land. No free Safelite windshield today. My luck would be, Schwarbs destroys my windshield and they tell me…well, you’re pretty dumb for parking there. Here’s some duct tape.

From the things I heard at Sloan Park category…The Cubs outdoor speaker system during catchers bp was putting out – classic rock. I know, It’s Only Rock’N’Roll (But I like it). The differing genres of tunes emanating around Sloan Park from place to place and day to day, is certainly eclectic.

Looks like nice weather tomorrow, but rain and windy conditions expected for Saturday in Mesa. So the first full-squad workout has been moved to Sunday, although the weather looks only marginally better for Sunday. After Sunday though, the 10 day forecast looks outstanding.

I’m pleased to announce a new contributing photographer to BOS, Kevin Ceseras. Some of Kevin’s photos from today are below. Be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter and Instagram. I’m also very happy once again to display the outstanding photographic work of John Antonoff. Be sure to follow John’s Baseball in Focus Twitter page.  Enjoy the photos!

Koji Uehara Cubs

Koji Uehara by John Antonoff

Kris Bryant Cubs

Kris Bryant by John Antonoff

Justin Grimm Cubs

Justin Grimm by Kevin Caceres

Jake Arrieta Cubs

Jake Arrieta by Kevin Caceres

Carl Edwards Jr Cubs

Carl Edwards Jr by Kevin Caceres




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