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Spitting and Crotch Grabbing, the Boys are Back

By Tim Sheridan
February 15, 2009

Do you have those days where it seems technology is against you? Yesterday was one of those days for me, after coming back from the Cubs workout at Fitch I had planned to post some of the photos I took…Nice and easy, right…wrong. No need to go further into my tech cluster %^$*. Below are some photos from yesterday.

As far as the Cubs, it was interesting to see the big Z sporting a mustache, and after taking a closer look quite a number of pitchers had some form of facial hair mostly the stubble beard look. Aside from the fashion review, the pitchers did the usual drills, really pretty boring but it is the Cubs so it’s fun to watch. The Riot was in early and taking grounders at short, then third base as he worked with Jake Fox…Appearing to give Jake some pointers. Everyone knows Jake can hit but he needs to find a position to play and even though he’s listed on the Cubs 40-man as an outfielder that doesn’t appear to be in the cards with the Cubs…I’ll keep an eye on his progress at third.

Stretching out, Kevin Gregg

Neal Cotts


Dempster’s moment of Zen

Let the spitting begin



The stache

Drills and more drills


Cubs in AZ


A little spit helps the leather

Theriot observes Fox’s glove work

Jake’s glove may need a bit more spit

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