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Skadad bjorn bebis

By Tim Sheridan
August 24, 2006

Of course I said last time I would blog more often, but as it turns out…NO

Being a Cubs fan is a unique proposition, we want them to do well but past experience tells us seasons like this one are all too common, so we endure.

The roster always changes during the season bringing a new look to every spring training, Greg Maddux will most likely never be seen again in the Cactus League. I certainly understand the value of trading him, but it’s a little depressing knowing I have announced his name for the final time. Players come and go all the time but future Hall of Famer’s like Maddux even at the tail end of their career’s are special.

The Cubs dismal season seems to be dragging on, the few bright spots like Zambrano’s pitching and Barrett’s hitting are harder to enjoy accompanied with 73 losing games.

The summer however has been flying by for me, as I’ve been busy working on the new Cubs documentary. As I mentioned in my last blog I am out of the Arizona heat for the summer, which inspires me to work and play hard. Although it’s not a vacation (working full time here) being at the lake sure brings me back to my teenage days of fishing, swimming and water skiing.

Recently I’ve had contact with a Cubs fan in Sweden who ordered the Vince Lloyd DVD “The Voice of Summer”. He became a fan in 1984, and had very limited knowledge of the earlier generation of Cubs players. He mentioned he really enjoyed the DVD and that it was exciting to learn about the Cubs history and the players he’d never seen play. I’m waiting for his next email to find out how he became a Cubs fan; he said he gets many odd looks from people when he wears his Cubs jersey in public.

The title of this blog is my attempt at a Swedish translation of Go Cubs! What can I say, I’m no linguist but I did eat linguini at a Holiday Inn Express last night.


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