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Cubs Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo hits double for RBI

78 degrees and plenty of sun today, it’s starting to feel spring like.

Anthony Rizzo was 2-for-3 today with an RBI. Il bambino può certo colpire una palla. Just trying to help Rizz get adjusted to his new team, as he heads off to play for Italy in the WBC. In case you don’t know Italian, that sentence translates to, The kid can sure hit a ball. Addio Rizzo, ma solo per un certo periodo di tempo.

Diamondbacks 6 Cubs 2

Ex Cub Tony Campana with two extra base hits, come on, really?

Rafael Dolis apparently trying to walk his way to Des Moines.

Jerry Krause in the house, yes that Jerry Krause. He’s a special assistant to the DBacks GM.

Mark the Beer Guy, and his ladies sing a rousing version of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Cubs glove love to Luis Valbuena at SS with diving grab in 4th to save a run. Logan Watkins with a nice stop on a grounder to the hole, throws out Montero from his knees.  Christian Villanueva with the diving snag of a rocket off the bat of Jon Griffin, then throws him out at first.

Cubs Jeff Samardzija


Samardzija goes three, allows 1.

Mom and pop Brenly in the pressbox to watch son Michael. Oh, and to watch Bob’s new team.

6,867 fans.

Black Jeep Cherokee with AZ plates, your doors are locked and the engine is running.

John Antonoff Photographer.

Cubs Nate Schierholtz

Nate Schierholtz with sac fly RBI

Cubs DBacks 3 1 2013 (3)

Oops, I’m going to need that

Cubs Logan Watkins

Logan Watkins gets a hit

Cubs Jorge Soler

Jorge Soler deep drive for a triple



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