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Pitchers and Catchers, Oh Yes

By Tim Sheridan
February 13, 2014

Cubs Ribbon Cutting Day at Cubs ParkIt’s here! It’s official! Cubs baseball is on once again as pitchers and catchers reported today to their brand spankin’ new digs in Mesa. I feel like the bear (make that a Cub) coming out of hibernation for spring, and I’m hungry – for some baseball.  Sure it’s only players doing some running and drills right now, but it’s baseball. And it’s the Chicago Cubs. And it’s here in my back yard!

This is also the time of year that the BOS website and my blog come to life.

You may recall a quote by the great hitter Rogers Hornsby – “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” I love that quote.

Now remember, Hornsby was a different sort of cat, he didn’t drink, smoke, play cards, or watch movies, because he thought it would mess with his batting eye. Hard to argue with his method, considering he had a lifetime batting average of .358. Can you imagine today’s young players not watching or participating in the digital media world so they don’t strain their batting eye? No Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vine, etc. Times, they have changed. It should be noted that Hornsby did like to play the ponies and, according to most, wasn’t all that good at it. His horse track gambling losses were said to have eventually sapped most of his lifetime baseball earnings.

Unlike Hornsby, I actually keep busy in the winter (although I feel guilty even saying “winter” living in Mesa because 70 degrees and sunshine isn’t winter). While I keep busy in the “no baseball” time, it’s the upcoming six weeks that I love. The Cubs are here and I get to be a kid and hang out watching the team…Sheridan’s Spring Break, if you will. For me, it’s kind of a working spring break, but you die-hard Cubs fans will be the beneficiaries because I’ll be blogging, photographing, videotaping, tweeting, and facebooking about our Cubs.

Cubs Ribbon Cutting Day at Cubs ParkThis whole spring thing started to get very real yesterday with the ribbon cutting ceremony at Cubs Park, and my spring training season tickets showing up via FedEx. Yes, I have a couple seats even though I’m up in the booth during games. After all, it’s the inaugural season at Cubs Park and nearly everyone I know wants tickets. And mine can be had for the highest bid! Sorry, was just kidding about that. Pitchers and catchers are getting their physicals and paperwork done today, but tomorrow the boys are on the fields! I’ll be there and will let you know how it goes. So stop staring out the window like Hornsby did and check in here regularly. Punxsutawney Phil be dammed, spring is here!


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