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Pitchers and Catchers

By Tim Sheridan
February 13, 2009

So I reported to Fitch Park this morning, had my physical, did the stretching, long toss etc. Had a side session with Lou but it seems my curve ball had no curve and my fastball didn’t make it over 70 mph, how disappointing. Lou said to go home and thanked me for the effort…I don’t understand it, yesterday I had a Bert Blyleven breaker and hit 98 mph with movement on my fastball. Then I found out today is Friday the 13th which explained it, of all days to lose my stuff.

Actually we are hard at work getting ready to launch the redesign of the Boys of Spring website, so I won’t be visiting Fitch today but will be down at the park tomorrow to fill you in on the official first work-out with the Cubs boys of spring. Talk to you then. T

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