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Cubs Win Opener

By Tim Sheridan
February 28, 2008

It was a great day in Scottsdale, perfect weather and a nice Cubs victory. I was there and took some photos and notes but I have been so swamped with preparation for tomorrows Hohokam Cubs opener that I just don’t have time to do my usual report. I’ll try to make up for it after tomorrows game.

I will be talking Cubs with the guys on WGEM Radio’s SportsCenter in the morning, I think you can hear it streaming on the Internet…I’ll be on around 8 am central time. Here’s a photo I took today, it’s of Dome right after he got beaned in his first at bat. Scary moment but it hit him in a good spot, if there is such a thing as a good spot to be hit with a hurled baseball.

Very excited about tomorrows home opener, will talk to you after the game. Go Cubs!

Fukudome turns away as ball bounces off him.

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