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Introducing The New Flying iPhone

By Tim Sheridan
March 24, 2012

Travis Wood pitching today

Today’s Cubs game was on WGN-TV so you may have watched this uneventful Cubs 5-1 loss to the San Diego Padres. From a Cubs fan standpoint, likely the most exciting event during today’s game was a fight between two women behind the Padres dugout. More on that later. We did have a large sellout crowd of 12,872 on a warm 86 degree day in Mesa.

The Cubs only had 3 hits in the entire game against a Padre’s split squad team that had few of its expected 2012 starters playing. The Cub’s lone run came when Alfonso Soriano doubled off the left field wall and eventually scored on a sac fly by Darwin Barney, who was starting at shortstop today. Not to be an alarmist, but I am a little concerned with the Cubs lead off hitter David DeJesus, who came into today’s game batting .216, he reached on an error in the first inning but then proceeded to strikeout three consecutive times. DeJesus is a great team member, but so far this spring he hasn’t been able to get it figured out at the plate. Hopefully he can get it going, as we have only 12 days until opening day.

Travis Wood got the start and pitched decently until the 4th inning, eventually giving up 3 runs on 5 hits while striking out 1 and beaning 2 Padres. Wood’s 3.2 innings today was his longest effort of the spring. Cubs pitching blanked the Padres from 5th through the 8th inning until Cubs minor leaguer Tony Zych allowed the Padre’s final 2 runs in the 9th.

Yesterday we learned the expected news that Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo were sent down to Triple A Iowa. Obviously the plan is to be conservative and not bring them up too soon, however they have been two of the best players for the Cubs this spring and if they continue playing this well, they may end up forcing management’s hand sooner than later.

Ryan Dempster had his Dempster Family Foundation at the Park today promoting awareness of 22Q , a genetic disorder which can cause heart problems, cleft palate, and emotional and behavioral issues. Ryan caught the ceremonial first pitch of Charlie Calcaterra who was representing all the Arizona Q22 families in attendance at today’s game. One of the ways you can help out is by texting: DEMPSTER to 20222. You can donate as little as $5 on up.

Girls going wild, interesting reactions by other fans

As I mentioned earlier, we had a girl fight in the stands, I know it’s surprising that alcohol was likely involved.  Apparently there was an i-phone that was thrown and destroyed, followed by several hay-makers from each of the participants. A couple Mesa Hohokam’s and stadium security quickly broke up the skirmish, before they could do any serious damage to each other. The excitement isn’t always on the field, especially in a game like today’s.

The Padres had many interesting player names who got into today’s game, including Yonder, Yasmani, Beamer, and Mykal (all first names), and it was surprising to me that Jedd Gyorko’s last name was pronounced JERK-oh. That had to be difficult as a youngster.

The Cubs are headed to Goodyear tomorrow to play the Cleveland Indians and then will be back to Hohokam on Monday to take on the Padres once again.

Photos by BOS’s John Antonoff.

Barney hits sac fly to score Soriano
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