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By Tim Sheridan
February 19, 2008

A larger than normal crowd of Cubbie faithful turned out today to witness the first Cubs official full-squad workout. The team didn’t get out onto the practice fields at Fitch until 10am so by the time they finished stretching and running it left little time for much of a workout. The delayed start was due to Manager Lou Piniella’s opening spring message to the ballclub.

A short practice was uneventful with the usual low-key feeling and beauty of the boys in blue tossing the ball around on the well manicured Fitch diamonds. Most of the fans interest seemed centered around seeing the new Right Fielder from Japan. Fukudome took a couple rounds of bp which saw the fans standing 4 or 5 deep around that diamond during his batting.

I took some video of today’s practice, mostly pitchers warming up and doing a few drills…not all that exciting, but it gives you a little feel of the goings on. It’s about 6 minutes long, enjoy.

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