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About the Other Day

By Tim Sheridan
March 8, 2009

In my last blog entry Friday in which I posted my scorecard and didn’t write a game update due to lack of time…The reason for this was far less sensational than the rumors circulating around the Internet. Those rumors, possibly started by the chatty grounds crew that I was running chase down drills (otherwise known as the game “hotbox”) with the spring training Hooters girls is completely unfounded. I categorically deny any rumors about me, the hooters girls, tequila, fungo bats, and unauthorized running of the sprinkler system.

That being said, I will be back with a full report after today’s game at Hohokam where the Cubs will face off against the Texas Ranges, Sean Marshall getting the start. Another gorgeous day expected here in AZ, plentiful sunshine with a high of 75 degrees.

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