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A Tale Of Two Addison’s

By Tim Sheridan
October 21, 2016

Addison Russell HR last night
Addison Russell HR last night

The Cubs finally broke out the lumber against the Dodgers, scoring 18 runs during the past two nights in Los Angeles. Obviously, the hits couldn’t have come at a better time as the Cubs were down 2 games to 1 in the NLCS and had been shutout in both the losses coming into Wednesday’s game. With two huge wins, the Cubs are headed back to Chicago and can close out the series tomorrow!

I was talking with some Cubs fans prior to Wednesday night’s game. I said, “this team really needs Addison Russell to get it going at the plate,” continuing on, I said, “I think Addie will come up big before this series is over.” And did he ever!!  Heading into Wednesday’s game Addison Russell was a combined 1 for 24 at the plate in the Cubs 2016 postseason. In the last two games he’s been a combined 5 for 10 with two huge HR’s, 4 runs scored, and 4 RBI’s.

Russell is a soft spoken 22 year old, but has a steely determination and will to win that fits perfectly with this Cubs ballclub. I first saw him play in person when he was just out of high school for the Oakland Athletics Arizona Rookie League team in 2012. I went to those AZL games to see Cubs 2012 first round pick Albert Almora Jr, and the newly signed Cuban Jorge Soler, but it was hard not to notice Addison Russell. As an 18 year old in his first professional season, Russell hit .415 with a nearly .500 OBP, stole 29 bases, 5 triples, 6 HR’s – in only 106 at bats…all while playing stellar defense. Even at that young age, I could see the Athletics had a star in the making. I never dreamed he would be traded to the Cubs. In what may eventually go down as one of the greatest trades the Cubs ever made, Theo Epstein landed Russell on July 4, 2014. And now Russell the Chicago Cub and his teammates are in the process of writing a new chapter of Cubs history. Is it Saturday yet?

The other Addison Russell

There is another Addison Russell, well probably many others, but one that lives in my home. Back in May I got a rescue shelter dog, she was kind of a scruffy short legged little girl. From her teeth and tests, the veterinarian said she was about a year old. I figured if I was going to adopt a dog, she should pass my fetch test. So I took this pup to the park by the shelter. I tossed a ball, all the sudden she took off like a rocket and snatched the ball on the bounce out of mid-air. She then trotted back and set the ball at my feet. I did it again, same result. I had found a winner. The shelter didn’t know anything about her, or what her life had been like for the first year, but it probably was not good. When I got her home, I needed to figure out a name for her. I liked Addison, as in Clark & Addison where Wrigley Field stands. I also knew that this dog had some Jack “Russell” Terrier in her…and so Addison (Addie) Russell with a double meaning was a perfect fit.

I’m looking forward to playing catch with my Addison tomorrow as the Cubs Addison helps lead our boys of October to victory and a World Series berth!!

We are still donating ALL the proceeds from downloads of the Cubs rock anthem – Clear The Way  to the Anthony Rizzo Foundation! This song really fits this current team, they have confidence and a belief that indeed, “this year, we are going to win it all!” The download is only $1.29, so please grab a download and help the Rizzo Foundation as they work in fighting cancer! Then play this song tomorrow before the big game and crank the volume up to ten. Or as was said in This Is Spinal Tap, put it up to eleven…one louder, for that extra push over the cliff – Clear The Way!

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