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Going Camping

By Tim Sheridan
February 19, 2010

Ted Lilly’s MRI on the knee came out negative, which is great news. Other than that you might be thinking it’s early in camp and not much to report… Heck, even Lou can’t really shed much light on the line-up yet, it’s all theory at this point. Competition for roster openings and starting spots hasn’t really gotten underway either, but don’t fret our crack BOS team (OK, me) have uncovered some intriguing stories at camp thus far.

Much of it revolves around weight loss or gain, Soto and Big Smaller Z have lost it, while Carlos Silva has…well…maintained it. Word around the net was that my Soto and Silva photos may have been photoshopped. No my friends I download then post-em, speaking of loads I’m posting another Silva photo from this morning, you be the judge of his size and conditioning.

Another breaking story from this morning concerns Angel Guzman. We know he had his knee scoped recently but that’s not the story, Guzzy it appears has been having trouble with his golf swing. Not to worry Cubs fans all is not lost as Angel was able to get some one on one instruction today and appears ready to hit the links again…that is as soon as the knee is better.

Of course the Big story of camp thus far is a BOS exclusive. Last week I showed you photos of Jeff Samardzija with the long flowing hair. As I mentioned then, I thought he would be getting a trim when Lou caught a glimpse of it. Turns out Jeff didn’t even allow Lou the chance to give him a hard time about his hair. Samardjiza showed up yesterday having had a significant reduction of his mane, he must really want that 5th starter spot.

WoongChun Cho (photo below) is a spring instructor with the Cubs this season. T

Silva in foreground

Guzman shows his backswing

Maybe it’s the arm bend?

Make sure to keep the head down

Much better follow through

Samardzija earlier this week

Samardzija yesterday

Do I really need to comment on this?

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