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A Prior Commitment

By Tim Sheridan
March 16, 2007

I’m trying to work right now while also keeping one eye on the TV, checking the Cubs and Angel Guzman’s progress vs the Sox on WGN. Having to finish a non-Cubs related project prevented me from getting down to Fitch Park this morning to see Mark Prior pitch in a minor league setting. There has been much speculation recently about Mark Prior and his future with the Cubs, including this article yesterday by Jay Mariotti in the Chicago Sun-Times.

I’m sure you will read several accounts and explanations of Prior’s effort this morning. Dedicated Cubs fan/blogger Al Yellon who is editor of Bleed Cubbie Blue, was on hand this morning at Fitch and offers this account. Which reminds me of an email I sent to a Cubs fan last May when Prior was at Fitch working during an extended spring:

“Prior was throwing at 86 to 88 mph on his pitches; according to the coaches I heard talking. However, Prior appears slightly thinner and in my opinion looks to weigh 5 to 10 pounds less than in previous seasons. Maybe it’s because he’s still in the rehab process, but there’s something, I can’t quite put my finger on what, that seems different about him right now. Possibly it is that he lacks the confidence of knowing he’s at full strength, which to me, he is obviously not.”

Of course everyone saw Prior’s less than stellar pitching after he left Mesa and joined the Cubs last season. Anyway you look at it Mr. Prior’s future with the Cubs is currently as sketchy as his fastball.

Back to work for me, at least I can focus more with the TV’s sound off, not hearing the WGN White Sox announcers certainly is helpful.

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