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The Ride

By Tim Sheridan
April 7, 2015

Ernie videoboard
(Photo: Brian Cassella / TNS)

After the Cubs less-than-scintillating 3-0 loss to the Cardinals in the opener, the internet exploded with word of the Wrigley Field bathroom debacle. Which was unfortunate, because the internet and social media could have been abuzz with how heartfelt the Ernie Banks pre-game tribute was. Many fans did capture and share photos and videos of Mr. Cub that were taken off the amazing new Wrigley Field high-def videoboard. However, those tweets and posts seemed to get lost in the internet onslaught concerned with what was really left in those beer cups.

I guess it should come as no surprise that all the renovations and changes at Wrigley will take some getting used to. Cubs ownership understands that some things, like the restroom situation, must be fixed asap. However, for fans, other adjustments may take some time, like seeing a giant videoboard in left field, being displaced from your normal bleacher seat for part of the season, or realizing that your $155 million dollar pitcher isn’t going to be dominating every time out.

This season Wrigley Field and the Cubs are both going to be works in progress. After the past few days, and now today’s game postponed due to weather, one can already tell this season is going to be an interesting ride. One thing it likely won’t be – dull.

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